About Us



We are a non-profit organization whose officers/directors recieve no compensation for time volunteered other than free membership for themselves yearly.

     Suncoast Barrel Racers Association was founded in 1997 by a group of barrel racers who were tired of traveling all over the state to barrel race. They wanted to be able to support their love of barrel racing without always having to travel 2 or 3 hours in order to do so.
     The original founders were Joe & Carolyn Hope (Carolyn served as president from 1999 to 2004), Dale & Stephanie Ellis who were the original President (Dale) & Vice President (Stephanie), Cathy Sokol of Sokol's cutting horse fame, who served as secretary & Abbie Naff who served as treasurer. 
     We are a non-profit organization whose directors volunteer their time to run the club. We pride ourselves on being very family oriented, as well as promoting friendship, camaradie & good sportsmanship at all times. We work very hard to be good examples for our youth members as well as encourage/commend & instruct them on good sportsmanship as we are aware they are the future of our club.
We provide most of our own  added money ($450) per show which is paid out of our yearly membership fees, the applicable arena provides the other $150.
Most of our shows are currently hosted in Volusia County (New Smyrna Beach area) although due to our large membership base from Cocoa, Titusville, Mims, Melbourne & a few furthur south we have branched out to include a few arenas in Brevard & Flagler counties as well. We currently run the following classes at each point show:
          2D PeeWee Barrels - Lead line or ride, no minimum rider requirement, $10 entry     
          4D Open Barrels w $300 added & $25 entry (75 Rider minimum else 3D format will be run).
2D Youth Barrels (ages 18 & under)
2D 8 & Under "Horse" Barrels
          2D Novice Rider Barrels
          2D Tween Barrels (ages 19 to 39)
          2D Senior Barrels (ages 40+)

          2D Pole Bending
     **With the exception of PeeWee's all 2D classes have $50 added & $20 entry (7 rider minimum to run
class & 15 rider minimum for $50  added, 14 or less will be $25 added)**
     ***We have adopted the carry over with optional rerun we trailed in 2009 as a standard effective 01/01/2010. We are now allowing times from Open Barrels to be carrired over to any alternative Barrel Class...one or multiple...that the horse &/or rider qualify for. If the Open run results in hit barrel(s), DQ or NT you will be allowed to run the alternative class if you choose although an additional entry will be required***

We host 12 point shows each year (1 per month) as well as a Futurity/Derby (normally held the morning of our December show). We also have a benefit show in summer/fall each year which is hosted by Hope Arena (C & J Ranch) who donate all proceeds (exhibitions, concession etc.) to our awards/banquet fund. Added money for both the Benefit & the Futurity/Derby is donated/sponsored.
     We present awards to the top 5 places in each division of each class, $5 from each entry automatically goes to awards in that class. Any trophy/awards saddles we present are sponsored, therefore 1st place would get a saddle plus additional awards. Awards are presented at our annual awards banquet normally held early to mid January of each year in order to close out the previous year before holding the 1st show of the current/new year.
          We are always looking for added money or awards sponsors so if you are interested or know of anyone please contact or have them contact Stephanie Rivers 321-208-1753...Bobbi Scott 407-402-0169 or
sbra4d@gmail.com. Lining up sponsors is a big job & we definitely appreciate all the help we can get;